Public Record Requests

Effective 11/8/2022 Public Record Requests will be accepted via a new automated submission process. Submit a new Public Record Request

The email account will no longer be active or monitored. Communicate with us regarding an existing Public Record Request. These communications may include, but are not limited to: question related to existing request, response to a question we have sent to you, submission of a signed cost estimate, submission of additional documents you would like added to an existing request. You will be prompted to include your Matter Number (e.g., RR-000001) when submitting your communication so we can best assist you. The Matter Number would have been provided to you with your initial request.

NC State Law and ECU regulations support State entities collecting fees for record requests in cases where extensive assistance is required to fulfill the request (generally 4 or more hours and implicating clerical, IT, and supervisory resources). If your request meets this criteria, you may be provided a cost estimate detailing the cost you will be required to pay. You will have the option of accepting the terms of the estimate, refining the parameters of your request, or withdrawing your request.

For additional information related to public record request(s), visit the University Policy Manual Web site.

If you have a question about the destruction of records, visit the Records Management Web site.