Delegation of Contracting Authority

East Carolina University recognizes contracts signed by University employees as binding on the University only if the employee who signed the contract has signatory authority formally delegated in writing to his or her position. The regulation governing delegation of authority to sign contracts involving commitment of the financial, academic, physical and human resources of East Carolina University, REG 01.10.01, is posted in the University Policy Manual. The Office of University Counsel maintains and publishes here below a list of properly executed delegations of signatory authority.

Each person holding a position with signatory authority for University contracts must ensure that any commitment he or she makes for the University to pay for goods and/or services, regardless of whether the commitment is referred to as a “contract,” meets all applicable University standards and legal requirements. Applicable standards, include but are not limited to: requirements relating to expenditures based on the source and purpose of the monies involved; explicit written delegation of authority to make a commitment of the type and magnitude involved; and documented review and approval from appropriate support departments, e.g., Materials Management for purchasing and expenditure requirements, ITCS for information technology purchases, Office of University Counsel for contracts over $1 million, etc.

To submit a request for original delegation of signature authority or to amend existing signature authority, complete the form found at the following link: Form to Request/Amend Signature Authority (pdf). The form should be forwarded to the Office of University Counsel.

Current signature authority for contracts: