Contract Review Process

We are excited to announce a new automated submission process for contract review requests is coming soon.

Once this process is implemented, the ECU Contract Review mailbox account will be discontinued and a link to the online Submission / Intake Form will be added to this page. Additional information, tips, FAQs, and help tools will be posted as they become available. Communication through the posted links will become the primary method of communications/submissions related to contracts receiving legal review and will offer the fastest and most effective processing of your requests.

All delegations of the Chancellor’s signature authority are made upon the condition that the delegate complies with the processes described in the General Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs’ memorandum regarding university contract process.

All requests for contract review (whether required or optional) must be submitted to the ECU Contract Review mailbox and include the coversheet and contract documents, including prior versions of contracts and any amendments. The coversheet must be complete. Answers should be provided for questions rather than stating “see attached document” or cutting and pasting from the contract. The attorneys, VCs, and Chancellor should be able to fully comprehend the contract/business arrangement request based on the coversheet alone.

As described in the memo, contracts must be reviewed by OUC and approved by the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finance as indicated on the following chart: