The Office of University Counsel provides comprehensive legal advice and counsel to East Carolina University. It provides those services regarding University matters to the Chancellor, the Board of Trustees of East Carolina University, the principal administrators of the University, and through them, to faculty, staff, and students of East Carolina University. Attorneys in the Office of University Counsel do not advise administrators, faculty, staff, or students on any personal matters.

For a fuller description of the role and responsibilities assigned to the Office of University Counsel, please see the Our Role page. Questions about the scope of legal representation should be directed to Paul Zigas, General Counsel and Vice Chancellor for Legal Affairs. He can be reached at 252-328-6940 or zigasp@ecu.edu. For personal legal advice, employees should consult with a private attorney.

Please Note: The material on these pages is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve as a substitute for legal advice. Please speak with a University Attorney for specific legal advice.